March 14th, 2012


ME3 Post Roundup

Okay, now that people are getting more through the game I figured I'd go back and post links to the various other posts I made, in some sort of general order. I'd also like to include links to some other people's posts, but I don't want to do that without asking (since various people playing and posting aren't on each others' friend lists, so I'd feel awkward just linking journals willy-nilly).

So if you have posted about the game and would like (or wouldn't mind) the posts to be included here, let me know in the comments. You don't have to hunt up the links, I should be able to do that. :p

Be warned, I don't think the lj cuts work through the direct links like this, so if you click on an entry be ready to be spoiled if it's beyond where you're at. :p I'll organize them by general place in the timeline, with a bit more info after the link.


ME3 Peoples! (Heads-up about DLC problems, stormfeather)

ME3: Generalities (Non-spoily post talking mostly about some general gameplay stuff, good or bad. stormfeather)

Through the first tour of the ship:

So, wandering my ship for the first time... (The first time after you get your freedom to do what you want, more or less, after checking out the Citadel and ship. stormfeather)

Through the first Priority mission after the Citadel:

My brother-in-arms has an exoskeleton; yours? (Musings on the game in general up until this point silmaril

Through Priority: Medea, Priority: Sur'kesh, and Priority: Tuchanka (just before the return to the Citadel for a priority mission):

Erm, also effecting mass makes me a mess (Musing on this general triumverate of missions, along with some other (gasp) non-mass-effect stuff. silmaril)

Through Arbiter Achievement (heading back to the Citadel for a Priority mission):

Obligatory ME3 progress post: through "Arbiter" achievement (and aftermath) (Again, pretty much what it says, includes the mission plus wandering around looking for sidequests after. stormfeather)

Of plastic sporks and Normandy's nose (Just a brief few notes, around this point of the game. silmaril)

Through Party Crasher Achievement (This is the achievement labeled "Sabotage a dreadnought." if that helps.)

Up through Party Crasher achievement and touring the ship after... (Well, pretty much just what it says. stormfeather)

Through the end:

ME3: Just finished (stormfeather)

An alternate ending (Okay, that's not the actual topic but I wanted to lean toward as little-spoily as possible - anyhow, it's an alternate take on the ending that is of course very spoily if you haven't finished. prodigal)

Wow, was that really all I posted? I thought I did more posts. :p