March 7th, 2012


ME3: Generalities

Figured I'd go with a non-spoily post for now just to talk about a few things...

a) Man, the disc swapping is getting really annoying, really quick. (I assume this doesn't count as a spoiler!) What is the point of making controls and tvs and all operated via remote control, if you have to keep *gasp* GETTING UP to switch discs anyhow?

b) Also, I would like to strangle whoever put that stupid body scanner in between the war room and the rest of the ship. SO ANNOYING!

c) While we're on annoyances, man, while I like the option to do even more in combat/running around, the controls can be so aggravatingly touchy! I'll try to run from cover to cover, and instead end rolling around out in the open. Or end up vaulting over the cover, or something. But at least Medi-Gel is your friend, this time!

d) On a brighter note, meleeing people/things to death is waaaay more satisfying than it should be. *Smack smack smack* And that's as an Engineer!

e) It took me longer than I'd like to figure out that you can revive people *without* medi-gel as well, which I'm mentioning mostly in case others haven't come to that realization yet. (You just need to get close enough to them to press "A" next to them, and wait for a sec.)

f) Man, the party banter seems to be rather priceless this time around, more like a Dragon Age game. I'm already wondering what it'd be like going on some of the missions with different party makeups.

I think that'll do for now, before I start getting tempted to drift more into spoiler territory...