November 30th, 2011

Pretty Words

Parasha December: Skip Month

Since it would be unfair to try to get everyone to get an out-of-print book in like a couple days, and December is always cramped anyhow, I'll just call it a skip month then.

We can decide Real Damn Soon if we're just going to do that book for next month, or do one of the others we'd thought of before, or something else entirely.

Sorry I'm such a flake. -_-

Hum.... Could be great or absolutely terrible...

Let's hope that this is a rumor, or a separate, stand-alone thing:

Multiplayer Dragon Age?

Now, if they did do a separate (outside of the main game series) MMORPG or something, that might actually be cool. Assuming they could come up with a new combat system for it, better crafting, etc.

If however the next game in the series (and all the rest after) had forced multiplayer or something... please no.

I really don't think they'd do that though. So I'm not too worried, even if this isn't a rumor. But still, I'd rather in that case that they put the extra effort into the game itself, than trying to figure out how to fit multiplayer into it...