March 23rd, 2011

Pretty Words

Parasha: Good Omens, March 23rd reading

First off: I missed this before, or had forgotten it, but Good Omens actually IS going to be a four-part TV series. Huh!

Anyhow, good to see that some things are the same between the UK and US (re: hair salon names). At least my own salon I go to doesn't get quite so "cute," being "All About You." checking our current yellow pages though, we have one "A Cut Above," and a "Mane Creations," along with other places such as "Ah-Lure," "Debest U Can Be" (shudder), "Hair Control," "Hair Raiser," "Hairem Family Beauty Salon," "Hairway," "Look Hair Design" and... well, we'll leave it there, shall we? (And seriously, we have so many salons in this small area, I don't know how the hell they can get enough people with enough hair TO cut to keep them all going. One imagines they get a lot of their customers from tanning and so on.)

And the stylist herself reminds me of Magrat Garlick. Just sayin'.

Are "Red Indians" (as she puts it) the spirit guide of choice in Britain? Maybe elsewhere? I don't know!

I'm not sure what exactly about Geronimo that Newt "didn't have the heart to tell her," possibly his "celebrity status" and surrender and such. I don't know.

For some reason it just really amuses me to think of discorporeal spirits handing a medium around like a telephone, "putting each other on" and so on. Reach out and touch someone indeed.

I was wondering briefly if "ectoplasm" was actually something started by the film Ghostbusters, but apparently it's not.

I... am not sure I want to know just why bidets would want to come into this.

Huh. Leave it to an angel to get immediately to the smiting as a way to get rid of a problem!

I have NO idea (well, okay, little idea) just what Shadwell says to Madame Tracy when she hands him the helmet. Something about a shovel and spade and devil?

Also, the note (in the annotations page about O-levels sheds a bit more light on Harry Potter, as well!

Oof, nice justification about how mass murder of telemarketers is good for the world! (Must.. not... agree...) And you know, for a book about Armageddon and demons and so on, this is one of the only actually "aaaugh" scenes in the book, at least that I can think of!

And... *boom*, the one really big conflict of the book, which takes place in the space of about two pages and doesn't involve anyone other than some kids sitting around... different, anyhow! And of course easy to miss as the main conflict, if you're not watching closely/haven't read the book before...

Hrm, I'm not sure why I started putting any notes/links in line with the rest of the text, but oh well, it works. At least for this entry.

And.... the schedule. Or what's leftof it.