March 18th, 2011

Pretty Words

Parasha: Good Omens, March 18th reading

Oops, almost forgot!

Heh, "unusually obtuse for Agnes"... except that she's just being plain as day! Well, from our perspective, knowing what we know.

Silly prophecy.

He can... make some new parents? *twitch* Just... augh, creepy. I mean, at times Adam is fairly sympathetic. This isn't one of them.

Well, okay, maybe a bit when the trees grow and so on. But... it's just sad that it always seems to have to be a choice between man and nature/the planet, and never both.

Am I the only one that can't read "Metatron" without always flashing back to Transformers?

I also can't see Shadwell holding his hand out like a loaded weapon without thinking of Rincewind...

I see they completely got computer-type warranties totally right...

Part of me wants to protest that really, Crowley shouldn't be blamed because he did his job, as much of it as he was supposed to do, correctly. But then, these are the Lords of Hell, so "fair" doesn't really come into it.

And maybe I didn't really choose the best place to stop!

I feel like I should come up with more to say, but this is already later than it should be. And besides, the tricky part about reading comedy-type books closely like this is that humor tends to wither and die under the sharp pins of analyzation. So.

And remember the Alamo the schedule!

For Dragon Age 2 players...

In case you didn't catch it, they've now opened a game on Facebook called Dragon Age Legends (just search for it there, it'll pop right up under games), which you can play to unlock more items in Dragon age 2 itself.

Just, y'know, if you're interested.