March 15th, 2011


Dragon Age II end thoughts, not generally spoily

I should maybe do this as a Monday fun review, but I want to throw around probably too many spoilers for that (in a follow-up post it turns out), so... you'll have this review/discussion, and like it!

Or not. Your choice. Or not even an active choice really. (I mean really. Whenever someone says "you'll have such and such and LIKE it!" it's pretty much a guarantee that no, really, you won't. Although I hope that's not the case here.)

So, if anyone's trying to decide if they want the game...? Okay, first off, there are a few annoying bugs here and there (surprise surprise), but nothing I ran into that was game-breaking, even to the level of Awakening. So I wouldn't put it off out of worry that bugs will make it unfinishable, at any rate. Especially since EA's idea of killing bugs after the fact involves a fly-swatter made out of chicken wire.

And how was it...? Well, overall I probably disliked the direction they took it after the first one more than I liked it, it most things. So in that sense it wasn't quite the sequel I was hoping for - I was hoping they would take three strides forward, not a step forward here, two steps back there.

Or since this isn't really as spoily, unless you don't want specifics of how the game background/style changed....

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So in short, to sum up, if you're just looking for the tl;dr version: The game's some good, some bad compared to the first one, but still a worthy sequel in general, and a worthwhile playthrough!

Dragon Age II Spoiler stuff!

And now that that's out of the way, this is where the heavier spoilers start, both going into more details, and going into storyline stuff.

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Hopefully, I'll eventually get some discussion on this as people finish the game. ;) Also, if anyone wants to compare choices and consequences, also fun!