February 7th, 2011


Monday Fun #53 (online link)

So I meant to do one of these posts last week again, but forgot!


(I THINK that'll get you to the right page.)

Game type: browser-based, pet-raising

Time demand: Very little really. In fact, my main problem with it is that there's not enough to do in between half-hourly and hourly actions. It's mostly good as something extra to do in between other stuff.

Cost: Free

What it is: You pick out a pet to raise. Well, you pick out a (kinda cheesy) graphic of a pet, and the stats, etc., are pretty much random.

Once you have a pet, you get an allowance every 24 game hours... what that means is you have an hourly action you can perform, but they "build up" so that for instance when you sleep at night, you can click the button to perform 9 hours' worth of actions.

What happens in those actions? Well, if the pet isn't feeling loved, esteemed, etc. enough it might try to use an item you have around the house to feel better. If it's hungry, and there's food around, it'll eat. If it's tired, it'll sleep, and wake up after enough hourly actions have passed for it to get rested. Or it might go out to hunt or gather, or perform some type of crafting with materials around the house, which is reliant on various hidden stats/abilities that can be raised as the pet levels up.

There are, as mentioned, also half-hourly actions, which involve petting the pet, putting it to bed before it falls asleep (which also gives it esteem, safety, etc.), playing cards with it, reading to it... basically actions depending on what you have in your house.

There is a little more depth as I'm slowly finding, as I play myself, but... it's undemanding, cute, and slowly lets you open up more and more as you go along.

So, yeah. If you like pet-raising games and are looking for something very undemanding to do on the side, try maybe checking this thing out.