December 10th, 2010


Things what I have seen on my morning walks, a sort-of list

-A license plate on a car I passed: SAM IEM
(Does he like green eggs and ham?)

-Writing in a sidewalk panel reading "Harry Potter Rules!"

-One truck with, in large letters in the rear window, "MUD SLUT" and slightly smaller letters underneath: "Hittin Every Hole"
(Keep it classy, Cumberland. I laughed, but then I've never pretended not to have a low-brow sense of humor at times.)

-Greatest number of churches passed in one walk (that I've noted at least): 4
(I know I can do much better, I just need to note the locations better and plan my route a bit.)

-Number of large dogs that have escaped their fenced yards to run after and sniff Lady in the past two days: 2
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