July 23rd, 2010


Well, that was a dream alright...

I had an... interesting dream last night. Well, interesting to me, possibly not to anyone else. But I'm setting it down in text here mostly for my own interest... I don't always have dreams quite this story-like and (relatively) coherent, or at least, not that I can remember all that much of. So feel free to skip this entry if you have no interest in dream-ramblings! (Not that you need my permission, of course.)

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And if you read to the end of that, I'm impressed! And apologize for the length and meandering, but like I said I just wanted to get it all out for my own future memories, mostly. And I hope you at least somewhat enjoyed the trip into my bizarre subconscious.
Pretty Words

Parasha Aug., Sep., Oct. proposition

After the discussion we've had so far (discussion on already-suggested books here, new book suggestions and their comments here, please feel free to go comment more), I wanted to make a proposal for the next couple months at least.

My proposal is: one of the Agatha Christie short story collections for August, Understanding Comics for September, followed up by one of the many graphic novel suggestions for October to follow up while our discussion of the non-fiction book is still fresh.

Any comments? If everyone's okay with this, I'll put up polls for which books specifically for August/October in the next day or two.