July 18th, 2010


Arghle blargh.

So I'm seeing people adding a group on facebook called " Abortion doesn't make you UNPREGNANT, it makes you a mother of a DEAD BABY!" and am seriously tempted to start a group called "Pro-choice doesn't make you a murderer, it makes you a non-busybody who doesn't feel the need to impose their own views onto OTHER PEOPLE'S important reproductive and life choices without even knowing them or their circumstances."

That might be a titch long though. Maybe.
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My tummy is currently stuffed full of fried squash, Texas toast, and the remnants of fried potatoes I made the other day and heated back up while I was frying things. Not to mention the tapioca I made for breakfast/brunch this morning, which despite the fact that I think I added to much milk, still turned out well, if creamier than usual.

So basically... full, but very very content. Mmmm, so good.
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