May 29th, 2010

Pretty Words

Parasha: The Princess Bride schedule (tentative)

I say tentative, but these often end up (in fact, possibly always, thus far?) being the final schedule, so take that with a grain of salt.

This is a kinda tricky one to break up, since it's in eight, um, slightly uneven parts, plus an introduction. (Plus an introduction to the 25th anniversary edition in my copy, but obviously I'm not including that.) But here goes my best attempt:

Friday, June 4 : Introduction
Monday, June 7 : Part 1: The Bride
Wednesday, June 9: Part 2: The Groom, Part 3: The Courtship, Part 4: The Preparations
Friday, June 11 : Part 5: The Announcement (section 1, up until the section headed "Inigo." Or, in case not all editions have the section heading, the sentence "In the mountains of Central Spain, set high...")
Monday, June 14 : Part 5: The Announcement (section 2, up until the section "Fezzik"/"Turkish women are famous for the size of their babies.")
Wednesday, June 16 : Part 5: The Announcement (section 3, up until the sentence "From his position at the top of the Armada..." Sorry, no section header there to break things up.)
Friday, June 18 : Part 5: The Announcement (section 4, remainder of Part 5)
Monday, June 21 : Part 6: The Festivities (section 1, up until the sentence "Prince Humperdinck took a while before answering.")
Wednesday, June 23 : Part 6: The Festivities (section 2, remainder of Part 6)
Friday, June 25 : Part 7: The Wedding
Monday, June 28 : Part 8: The Honeymoon

Most sections are around 30 pages, which is a bit much, but the book was longer than I'd remembered. The last two are uneven, since Part 7 is 40 pages, and Part 8 is 20. If you want to break Part 7 up into an extra day of reading, let me know! Although keep in mind that'd make the schedule crammed even tighter into the month. :p

I'll try to make sure I remember to re-link to this schedule also once everyone's probably back from their various vacations/business trips/holiday festivities.

Any comments?