April 19th, 2010


Thoughts on Mass Effect 2 added content

I meant to post something on this, but forgot. It also took me a while to get through the Firewalker stuff, since I'm playing it during my current OMG What Was I Thinking playthrough, so...

For the non-spoily review bit, I guess I'll just say that the stuff in general is about what you'd expect for the price point. Not anything earth shattering, nothing game-breaking in a bad way either. If I were to give specific recommendations, it'd be for the added member pack, maybe a bit against the Firewalker pack, although I'm torn on that... and the other stuff is pretty much What You See is What You Get.

As for slightly more in-depth stuff, there may be some spoilers for general content, but I'll avoid anything beefy, not that there really is much beefy for this bit of added content. I mean, it's not like spoiling the ending of a game or whatever! But if you want to know absolutely nothing about the new member, outfits, what the packs contain, etc., don't look!

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