March 24th, 2010

Pretty Words

Parasha April - The Last Unicorn schedule (tentative)

Hrm, looks like this one's going to be a bit trickier. Looks like if we double up at the end though, there should be *just* enough time to do three days per week.

So here's the proposed schedule, feel free to argue for other ones though, like if y'all would prefer to do 4 days per week, and start later/end earlier, or double up more, or something.

Friday April 2: Chapter 1
Monday April 5: Chapter 2
Wednesday April 7: Chapter 3
Friday April 9: Chapter 4
Monday April 12: Chapter 5
Wednesday April 14: Chapter 6
Friday April 16: Chapter 7
Monday April 19: Chapter 8
Wednesday April 21: Chapter 9
Friday April 23: Chapter 10
Monday April 26: Chapter 11
Wednesday April 28: Chapter 12
Friday, April 30: Chapter 13/14

Also, I'm assuming we'll need spoiler/non-spoiler posts again for this one?
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