March 19th, 2010


Well, darnit!

I'm done. :(

Yes, done with Dragon Age: Origins Awakening.

Well, the first playthrough. There will be more, I'm sure, to see other possible ways things can go, and finish up the few quests I didn't complete this time, and alladat. Not sure if that will be before, after, or alongside returning to FFXIII.

I'll probably do a non-spoilery review on Monday, for my usual "thing," unless someone wants one sooner. For now, a few spoily bits... mostly going to jot down how things went this time, before I forget, and a few spoilery observations here and there.

This includes spoilers for how the very game itself ends in multiple ways, so don't go there if you don't already know/want to know! I realize no one's probably going to read it yet, but I want to get it down while it's fresh, and I'll probably link to it again later, as more people finish up.

Edit: After thinking, I figured I should probably put the endings and rest of the musings under separate spoiler sections, so that people who end the game one way and want to play again can read the latter if they want, without spoiling themselves for other possible ways things can go/results of choices.

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I'd intended to keep that brief, but so much for that idea! Oh well, hopefully someone will at *some* point at least read it and comment. ;) Like I said, I'll probably re-link it later. Maybe with further observations, if I end up playing through as another character.