March 3rd, 2010

Pretty Words

Parasha: Frankenstein March 3rd reading

Blah, I remembered to read the section last night all in readiness, and then almost forgot to write it up today!

I'll just do one write-up, since from what everyone was saying, no one who HAS read the book before really remembers jack about it worth spoiling, but if I'm wrong and someone does want to discuss some spoily stuff let me know, and I'll start splitting it up.

Also, mea culpa, I put the first reading sections as three letters, but it was four, I missed the fourth somehow (maybe because the third was so short). But I figure everyone knows what I meant, right?

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Remember, since this is a meatier novel, we're doing a daily schedule on this one, so Chapter 1 discussion is tomorrow.

Final Fantasy XIII

Since I've fallen behind on keeping up with this... anyone know of the differences, if any, between the 360 and PS3 versions? What's everyone else picking it up on?

Edit: Hell with it, I preordered it for the 360. Although feel free to continue weighing in - since it won't ship for days, I should be able to change my order if someone has a really persuasive argument. :p