February 19th, 2010


Which game?

So peoples, informal poll since I don't want to create one just for a binary question,...

Which game should I review for Monday? the new Miles Edgeworth game, or Tropico 3 for the 360?

*perk* Dragon Age expansion... coming!

I know this is sort of old news, but I hadn't seen a release date and quite that much info for this before:

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening due in March.

That link doesn't show the date, the email I got for the digital download preorder offer though says March 16th.

I like the thought of revisiting my character(s) I already created, but I don't much like the thought of only one comrade being brought back, since the party characters were one of the best parts of the game! And changes are probably not good that it's going to be Zevran *pout*. (I'd originally thought Alistair to be a lot more likely, which at least would be a nice consolation prize, but even that I realize is probably not likely due to the different ways that the main game could end...)