October 29th, 2009


Parasha: I, Robot Schedule

Here is a tentative discussion schedule for I, Robot. Let me know if there are any objections/suggestions.

(So basically, people would be reading, say, "Reason" in between Monday and Wednesday, and discuss it starting on Wednesday whenever I get the story summary posted in non-spoiler/spoiler sections.)

Intro/"Robbie": Fri. November 6
"Runaround": Mon. November 9
"Reason": Wed. November 11
"Catch That Rabbit": Fri. November 13
"Liar!": Mon. November 16
"Little Lost Robot": Wed. November 18
"Escape!": Fri. November 20
"Evidence": Mon. November 23
"The Evitable Conflict": Wed. November 25

I figured doing it this way would let us have 2-3 days for each chapter, which should be long enough hopefully for the longer short stories, but also not give us time to let the material slip out of our heads before we discuss it again.

The longer gap at the start should let us discuss anything for Zelazny that we want to discuss as a whole, plus give a chance for most of us to finish the latest WoT, which I know a lot of us are trying to wade through. And maybe finish picking a December book (any suggestions?). ;) Likewise, the longer end time should let us both finish discussing I, Robot, figure out a schedule for whatever book is in December, and also, y'know, deal with Thanksgiving stuff.

Posted it a bit early, edited in the right story names and so on. :p

TGS thoughs chapters 23-28

Hrm, I've realized I've been slipping more toward a Parasha style, and making sure I do summaries and such even if I don't have much to say. Which is okay I guess, but not really what I'm aiming for. :p So will try to post less summaries, more, y'know, active thoughts. Although I'll at least include what each chapter is generally about.

Also: Now past the halfway point! Woot!

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