October 24th, 2009


Dumb further question...

Just to make absolutely sure, this:

Network Card Integrated 10/100 Ethernet

Would be what I'd need to use a wired connection to my router, thus accessing my network and the interwebs, right? I'm guessing it's an obvious "yes," but like I said I KNOW I'm bad with this, and want to make sure before I drop the wireless card again, and not have any bad surprises like "oh hey, can't connect to the internet!"

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Alrighty then!

Since the slim might pose problems with future upgrading, I went through techbargains.com for another, non-slim model that came out to pretty much the same more or less, for about the same price with the coupons and such. Unfortunately after ordering I realized it's actually listed as a mini-tower in the end, which may give many of the same problems. But oh well, fuck it, at this point I care not. Cheap computer! That I shouldn't have to worry about falling apart around me!

Anyhow, thanks a ton for the various inputs, guys. I really appreciate everyone commenting... for a purchase of this type, I really want all the input I can get. :/ Really, I mean it, I love you all! In non-physical ways.

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