October 5th, 2009


Started a re-play of Dark Cloud 2....

With the intention of actually Finishing It this time. Each time I start playing it, I think "surely I can finish it since it's an awesome game, one of my favorites, why do I always get distracted?" (And each time, as I'm re-realizing now, it's because I get distracted by going back through previous levels to fully "complete" them, level up weapons and monster transformations, etc., until I just get tired of it.)

Each time I replay, I also swear to myself that I'm not going to neglect my monster transformations this time. And each time, that tends to fall by the wayside Real Damn Quick, because they are SUCH a pain. (I'm still trying this time, though, damnit! XD)

And each time, sadly, I get my ass kicked at least once by the very first fight of the game and have to restart, which at least isn't exactly too much work. So much for a tutorial fight!

(And yes, I've quickly abandoned my replay of FFVIII... I do want to play off between it and this a bit, but I'm more interested generally in finishing the 19480977 games I have but haven't technically finished, before replaying games that I did finish. Generally.)

Also feeling a bit crappish today, and trying to drum up the stamina to write up a Monday Fun post.

Also Amazon

Woot, I see in my email inbox that Unseeen Academicals has shipped! *quivers with antici........*

(you get the idea.)

But I've also (finally) noticed that lately, each time you do a search for something then click on one of the links it throws at you, it changes the search default to that category of item. So if I search for, say, "Mass Effect 2" and then click on the X-Box 360 game, the search bar defaults to "Video Games" which is highly annoying! Graar, stupid doing stupid crap like that, Amazon! I was wondering a *few* times why I wasn't coming up with results that I would find likely when searching for various things, and now I'm pretty sure that this is why. Because I was searching in the wrong section, rather than under "all categories."


And also *pation*