August 17th, 2009



Argh, take two, since I completely forgot one (again!) and you can't as far as I know edit a poll after the fact...

Okay, I already know at least some of what I want, but I'm just curious now how others would prioritize. And who knows, maaaaybe it'll even affect what I buy. (Since I do plan to get all these sooner or later, after all. Maybe much later, depending. ^^;;)

But anyhow, if you were prioritizing, which ones would you get first? Choose two or three, or more, or less... however many you want really, but the idea is to at least prioritize somewhat. ;)


Monday Fun #31 - Picks of the Systems (part one)

I haven't done Monday Fun in a while (and keep meaning to do it more regularly again), so I'm going to do something a bit different for this post. Rather than either an online link or one specific review, I'm going to broaden out and give some of my top recommendations for games on each (semi-vaguely-recent) platform. Or rather, it was intended to lean more toward a "everyone should try these games, whoever you are" post, but I think is probably leaning more toward a "these are my own personal picks, and you should at least give them a look, although they might not be up your alley" post.

Discussion, and addition of your own recommendations in comments is, of course, encouraged! Likewise asking about a game you'd like to know more about. If I didn't like talking about these things, I wouldn't bring 'em up!

I'll be aiming for at least three for each in general, just for a nice round number. (And I like the number three!) May vary slightly, and may especially go over, if there are just a lot of top games for the system.

Warning: Long post is LONG.

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I'd originally intended this post to also cover the slightly later consoles (basically Dreamcast through X-Box), but it's already long enough as it is, and the PS2 section's probably going to be largest so... I'll leave it here for now, and save the rest for next week.

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