August 2nd, 2009


So what got you?

Okay, so in another comment just a bit ago, publius1 posted a movie quote that I wasn't familiar with (from Sunset Boulevard it turns out). I'd started to google it before just deciding to say "eep, don't know that one," but by that time in the results from the first unhelpful search, I saw this link and had to click on it.

I mean, who the hell *doesn't* remember all those movies that completely and totally traumatized your childhood?

Some of these I totally agree with, some I'm a bit surprised at the placement (I thought Bambi might be even higher, and cannot believe that Ol' Yeller was just an also-ran)... while the list also brought to mind others that didn't get even a mention, but that came to mind. So now I must re-inflict them upon you, to share my nostalgic pain.

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Well, anyhow. Anyone else? Any of these traumatize you as well? Any of your own?
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