June 10th, 2009


Sims 2 vs. Sims 3! Fight!

*plays Mortal Kombat theme*

Okay, maybe not.

Alright, as promised, here's where I blather on for a while about the similarities/differences between the two games. This will get long. So long, in fact, that I just ended up covering pretty much the Sims and their stats/meters/gameplay quirks/etc. rather than the whole overall game in this post. You have been warned.

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Ugh, I'm obviously going rambling on about this, and it's almost turning into a FAQ rather than a review or quick comparison. But I'm having fun talking about it, and hope to strike up some discussion, and plus it's a pretty damn beefy game and I figure it deserves to be delved into, if people are going to read and decide on trying it or not. So... sorry if it's too long, at least you can hopefully just read the sections that interest you and skim the rest!

Sims 2 vs. Sims 3.... 2!

Okay, so since I didn't finish running off at the mouth last night and had to get *some* sleep, I can continue now! And I'll try to keep it, um, a bit briefer. Here goes.

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Aaaand.... I think that does it. I'm sure there's more I could say about the game, but that covers a lot/most of the big differences and gameplay options and so on. I could continue to blather on and on about other small details, like the fact that service Sims now alternate, are paid one lump sum, and differ in how well they do their jobs... or the fact that reading the newspaper every day tells you what happened the previous day in the Sim world... or the fact that there are weekly events that you can attend... or... or...

Well, you get the idea. So I'll just shut up now, thanks. ;)