May 7th, 2009


You gotta be kiddin me...


At one point in the deals of the day thingy, they had one of those BioPet Kits that let you swab some of your pet's DNA from their cheek, and send it in to a lab to be analyzed, then they send back what breed(s) the pet is. I know I know, it's silly to spend money on in a way because it doesn't "matter," but we've had her for years and I've always been curious what the little white furball is. (She was given to us, or rather to my parents, by some random people that we don't really know, and all they said was that she was a Scottish Terrier. Which is so patently silly that.. well, I won't even start.)

I mean, she looks sorta like a Lhasa Apso, and that's what my mother always called her, and she's in the vet files as a general "terrier mix," which is what I was putting my money on, what with her utter vicious bloodthirstiness when confronted with anything a) small, b) fuzzy (or feathered, or finned for that matter), and c) as it usually turns out, extremely short-lived.

So today I get the results back, and while they warn that they don't have a *complete* database of breeds, they give results ranged on general levels, depending on how much of the pet's DNA is comprised of that breed. Level 2 for instance is 37-74%, and Level 4 is 10-19%.

So whipping out the fancy-dancy certificate they give, I look and see that the little less-than-a-foot-high fuzzball is made up of:

Level 4: Siberian Husky (o_O)
Level 4: Newfoundland (!!!!?!)
and... Level 2: Poodle. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Okay, I can sorta see the poodle, but... where the hell do the others *fit*? And dude, aren't poodles supposed to be retrievers, not bloodythirsty hunters?
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