April 22nd, 2009


IM-type people... and other technical stuffs

If anyone's wondering why I've vanished lately on IM (other than me switching my sleep schedule around), I'm having a problem with the ICQ portion of my Trillian. Apparently someone must have swiped my password (or it got corrupted or something? All I know is, there's a TON of people posting about similar problems on the ICQ forums), so now suddenly my password is no longer good, and I'm having absolutely no luck trying to get a new one. I'm not certain if this is a problem with someone swiping the password and changing around info on my profile, or if it's just ICQ having problems and being stupid and clunky.

But anyhow, yeah, I'm unable to connect to ICQ at the moment, unless I just give the hell up and use a new account, which I *really* don't want to have to do, and try to remember who all the fuck I had as contacts and re-add them. -_- So that's why I haven't been there, if y'all use ICQ. (Since I use Trillian, I can't remember who all were on my contact list via ICQ, and who were on other services.)

I'm also having another odd technical problem, which I was discussing briefly with theweaselking when we were both half asleep. I've been having the problem that when I restart my computer, it's been not letting me connect to the internet until I re-install the driver for my network card off my original CD. Which is a pain in the ass.

Now it's hard to try to narrow shit down with something so vague, but I *think* it's whenever I run Sims 2 that this becomes a problem. I've restarted when I haven't been playing the game, and when the computer comes back on, everything's still connected and hunky-dory. Which would explain why I've never had this problem before, because it's only really recently that I got the last couple expansion packs for Sims 2 and installed them, so it's apparently one of those causing the problem (if I'm correct in narrowing down just when it's happening).

Now, this sucks, because it means that as far as I can see, my choices are:

1) Keep playing the game, and keep reinstalling the damn driver each time I restart, which worries me that something is eventually going to Fuck Up.

2) Just stop playing Sims 2 entirely.

3) Uninstall the game AGAIN, and reinstall with only the older expansion packs. Gyah.

4) Track down and download a new driver for the card, if there are any newer versions, which frightens me because I'm a baby and afraid I'm going to fuck something up in my software. XD And which may well not solve the problem in this case, if it's something from another program fucking with things.

I'm starting to just lean toward #2, since Sims 3 comes out vaguely soonish, but that would really suck since as I just said I just got the more recent expansions, and that'd be basically wasted money. -_- Guh.

Any other thoughts/ideas?