March 25th, 2009


Help, PC people!

I am connecting via my Wii, which is SAD and HORRID to type on.
Anyhow, I reinstalled Windows and now can't get a connection on my PC. I had this problem at the start of Dec. 2007 if you check my lj archives, but can't remember just what I installed/did to fix things. :( Any suggestions?
(It's a cablemodem into a wired router, into my PC. The 360, Wii, etc. go off a wireless port plugged into said router, but the PC is wired.)

Edit: So frustrated I could bawl. I think I may need another protocol or something? Or does the router use Tcp/ip? My network hardware shows as 1394 net adapter if that helps.
Typing my router address into Internet Explorer just says it can't connect to the page without a net connection. I know now it's the right address, since I can connect via Wii.


I have the discs that came with the Dell, but can't seem to find the driver for the unknown ethernet device. How can I figure out wtf card I have? I can't even get the dialup modem to detect a dialtone, so that's out.
If I can figure out what card I have, can I bribe someone with a $5 Amazon credit to send a Cd snail-mai. w/ the drivers I need?


You people rock my socks off! If I were wearing socks. Which I'm not, obviously, since y'all rocked them off.

Seriously, first it was you guys mentioning "oh yeah, the discs that came with your computer" and then jsbowden specifically mentioning the Drivers and Utilities disc (which I hadn't found in my first grabbing of the original Dell discs, which was the problem) that led me to actually, y'know, get the right DRIVERS from the freaking DRIVERS disc.

And especial thanks also to desdenova and prodigal for putting up with my desperate cries for help via X-Box Live last night. ^^;;
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and blarghle...

I'll probably still not be on much for the next few days, since it looks like my video card is on its last legs. (That's apparently what was causing the problems that originally caused me to rewrite Windows in the first place, figuring it was probably yet another problem cropping up from software getting generally old and buggy, etc.)

So anyhow, I've ordered a new video card using the info I got from y'all (who still rock) a few months back, when I first noticed the first problems cropping up, but obviously it'll be a couple days before I actually get it in my greedy lil palms and can attempt to install it.

Wish me luck.

So anyhow, yeah, until then, may not be around much, because I keep getting errors and recovering from serious problems, etc.
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