February 6th, 2009

Pretty Words

In a Nutshell: Books - Mean Streets by various (novella anthology)

So I just mentioned this in a comment to a post the other day, and said I should probably get it. I then thought "well, why not now?" and trundled off to Amazon.com (or let my fingers do the trundling) to order it, and thanks to the wonders of Amazon Prime + a nearby distribution center, it was in my hands the next morning. I then intended to read it slowly, but.... a book with four novellas isn't really the best for that, since they're all just big enough that they take a little while to read, but short enough that you feel stupid stopping in the middle.

Edit: Duh, I guess I should also mention that the four novels all revolve around the concept of the private investigator subset of the urban supernatural sub-genre. In other words, they're all private eyes with Something Extra, in a world not quite our own. (That last should be said in movie-announcer-voice, obviously.)

Anywho, with just four novellas in the book, I should be able to take each one individually.

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So anyhow, now taking them all as a whole:

Recommendation: Not a waste of money, given two novellas distinctly on the good side, and one more neutral but not *bad*. Also however not something I'd say that everyone has to immediately rush out to buy. Give it a spin though, if you want to try some of the authors for yourself without going in for the first few of a whole series. Or if you are a big fan of one of the series involved, and see the other three novellas as a bonus.