February 2nd, 2009


Monday Fun #26 (review)

I think I'd mentioned before that although I got a good bit of the way through Suikoden V when it first came out, I somehow got distracted from it and didn't finish. Which boggles the mind in retrospect, but there you go. So anyhow, I finally got around to going back and playing the whole damn thing recently, and since I didn't have anything else I wanted to link to/review for today, might as well go with this!

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Recommendation: If you like the Suikoden games but gave up before this one because of latter games in the series, definitely pick this up. If you like JRPGs in general and haven't tried this series, ditto. (I'd normally say you might want to start with the early ones in the series, but this one's a strong entry in the series AND a lot easier/cheaper to find, so...). If you like RPGs but haven't really tried/liked JRPGs, this one's one of the better ones out there... IF you can get past the long intro period, which drags its heels a bit.

And that should do it. Phew! (And I really do need to make myself a Yuber icon at some point.)


So... what's up? I... may be able to stay up tomorrow to play if y'all want to try it (although by now, I can't remember where I stowed by new microphone, since I haven't used it yet, bah). I might be dozing off on ya though. Want to try tomorrow? Try it Thursday? Wait a week? Lemme know.