January 26th, 2009


Monday Fun #25 (review)

Yeah, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've actually got a semi-newer game to review this time - normally I'd probably do it under the "In a Nutshell" tag, but since I wanted to get back to this, at least sporadically, I figured I'd do it for Monday instead.

Collapse )

Recommendation: Rent if you can, and find adventure/time-based games at all interesting. Otherwise, probably wait to see if you can pick it up cheaply. It's a good game while it lasts, but I can't conscientiously recommend buying it for full-price when it's so short and the challenge is so low.

As a secondary recommendation... if you like time-twisty semi-adventure games, and have a PS2, you might want to pick up Shadow of Destiny instead. It's an old game, so not sure how easy it'll be to find - but it's also the first game that came out for the PS2 that made me really sit back and say "wow, now that's a cool game!" and be glad I bought the console early. It's by the same general people (or at least the same creative mind, I think), but it's a lot more fleshed out and challenging. (Hell, maybe I should go back and replay it, and then review it for one of these Monday posts...)