January 4th, 2009


Animal Crossing: City Folk

(Edit: Okay, closing the gates for now, since I'm pretty sure my Nook's is closed anyhow.)

Okay, those of you that have my friends code (which is I think one couple, but hey...), I went ahead and opened my gates for now. Since I'm running later than I meant, I went ahead and opened them, but I'll probably be afk eating and stuff while they're open, doing chores, maybe even playing my PS2 while my Wii is running and connected. Then again, until I get a mic/keyboard, I can't do much communicating anyhow.

So feel free to drop in, buy whatever from Nook's/the tailors, pick whatever/as many fruits as ya like. And if you can find the one pesky fossil I couldn't, feel free to dig it up and take it and that way it'll be out of whatever tricky spot it's in. :p Just don't take my rare-colored flowers, is about all I ask, since I've only got a couple of those so far. :/

And anyone else out there who has this, and wants a friend code/wants to be added? I forgot to ask before...
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