September 10th, 2008


And once again...

This week's Catan has been partaken of. With Skwid and Skwid-friend, this time, yay rain!

Sorry montoya... if you'd wanted we probably coulda restarted for ya, but next week works, too.

(I was also a bit late kicking things off on the game I organized myself, which is pathetic, but I blame Will Wright, damnit!)

So next week?
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Yo Spore players...

If anyone's interested, I made a "Sporecast" with some of the stuff I've made so far. If you want to subscribe (apparently it's just a fancy way of letting you download stuff that a particular user puts in their cast automatically, or something), my user name is Stormfeather (like duh) and my Sporecast is Stormfeather's Spawns.
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