August 25th, 2008


Monday Fun #21 (online link)

Okay, first, a disclaimer. This is going to be a bit new - it's a link to a game, but to one in another language, namely French.

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And now that Total Rantiness is out of the way, we'll see how much juice I have left to cover the actual game. XD

Ma Bimbo

Game type: web based

Time demand: Small

Cost: Free

What it is:

Well, it's a French game, as mentioned. You may be able to figure some of it out without speaking the language, but it'll be tricky. Or if you've played the English version and now where/what everything is, you might be able to swing it. I imagine there are probably also English FAQs somewhere on the web helping English players to navigate and all, if you look for them, since it's a popular site.

Beyond that, it's... well, it's in a way almost like a dress-up-doll site, except... well, maybe not "deeper" is the right word, but it's more complex, anyhow. You have an avatar, a "bimbo" that starts out the same as all the other bimbos, and bit by bit you can buy new clothes for her, change her hairstyle, get her (limited) plastic surgery, get her a tan, and do other things to make her look different.

Beauty may be skin deep, but the game however goes a bit beyond that. First off, there's the in-game currency, which is what you need to purchase clothing, get makeovers, go to the nightclub to dance, etc etc. You get more bimbo dollars in turn by gifts from your bimbi's boyfriend (if you have one), your job (which requires some training first), a limited amount from a few of the short little puzzle games that you can play once or twice per day, and if you manage to win fashion challenges against other bimbos that you've wagered on. (Of course, you also stand to lose currency from the latter option...)

Along with your currency, you also have Bimbo Attitude, which you gain through winning wagered challenges, dancing in the club, getting makeovers and new hairstyles, things like that. You have an IQ (or QI in French), which you raise through other of the games, etc. You also have an ideal weight, and if your bimbo goes too far above OR below that weight, she's less happy, making her less effectual in some things she does. Your bimbo also gets hungry and thirsty, so you have to feed her and give her drinks each day. So really, in a way, it's kind of a combination virtual pet and dress-up-doll and life sim.

There are also levels you try to gain, with each level having various goals you have to meet to go to the next level - getting a specific hairstyle, winning a certain number of challenges, having a certain amount of bimbo attitude, etc etc. Gaining levels unlocks new possible boyfriends, new clothes you can buy, new apartments you can rent or buy, and so on.

Anyhow, the point is, this is a cute little short-time-waster (at least if you speak French XD), and while some people might have problems with the content, to me at least it seems so tongue-planted-in-cheek that it's not a bad thing. Like I said, it's a bit vapid, but it's meant to be, and it's not serious about it, which (to me anyhow) makes it lighthearted and fun. Your mileage may vary.

360 Live reminder

For right now at least, the Reformed Catan Club is set to play Catan at 8pm (Eastern time) tomorrow night. If you are interested:

a) speak up here, so I know to invite you/look for you/whatever

b) MAKE SURE I have your 360 live username!

c) Make sure you have Catan downloaded, your headset/microphone in working order, everything set up, etc etc., before go-time.

That is all. I think.

ETA: make that 8:30pm Eastern, unless people get mad about changing half an hour at this late date :p
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