August 22nd, 2008


My X-Box 360 Live People!

Alright, since it looks like I'm kinda left holding the ball since I spoke up first (rassum frassum), I'm declaring this coming Tuesday, 8pm eastern, to be the first meeting of the Reformed Catan Club. Where we shall, like, play Catan. This is not necessarily final - if the day and/or time is bad, speak up, and it can be changed, I'm sure. But I have to put SOMETHING out there. (And I know the ten-legged one said Wednesday is not good for him, and I *believe* Halo night is on Thursday.)

So anyhow, speak up in the comments if you're interested, and make sure you have the game and have your system and headphones ready to go On The Night. And I guess after that we can hash out what we're playing next time, and if we're keeping the same night/time, or what. Either via headphones when we're finishing the games, or via, like, here.

For the record, games nominated for playing thus far are Catan, Carcasonne, and Ticket to Ride. I now have all three, and am okay with all of them, although Carcasonne is perhaps a little less fun methinks (though it might be more interesting against live players).
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Grumbles. And a poll!

Well, okay, it's not all grumbling, but still.

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And now: the poll!

Since I love polls (and other people usually seem to like answering short polls), I was thinking of maybe having one poll each week, sorta like my Monday Fun, but, like, not game reviews/links, and on a different day. Er. Anyway.

So I'm just curious if that'd be interesting, and if so, which day, and all that.

Poll #1246776 Poll poll

Should I have a set day for one fun poll each week?

Why yes, that'd be fun!
Nah, don't worry about it.
I don't really care/am contrarian!
Other (Like, I should have one bi-weekly or something, explained in comments)

If so, which day would be best? (Cause really I don't care, and if y'all are bored on a particular day...)

Friday (Happy Days!)
Saturday (What a day)
Don't really care

Should there be clicky?

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Oh right, and...

Forgot to add:

Doh! Just realized a few minutes ago, I totally forgot about my father's birthday. Which was, like, yesterday. XD Um, save me, Amazon-kenobi, you're my only hope?

Cleaning out the aforementioned (in the previous post, anyhow) storage room is also slightly depressing, because one of the categories of things that got put in there to be forgotten was apparently some of my mother's old clothes. Meh. I mean, I'm not like breaking down weeping upon seeing them, but still.

On the other hand, I dragged out an old piece of luggage that was in there, and that I'd previously thought was empty, but lo and behold I found three of my old Gameboy Color games in there: Monster Rancher Battle Card, Survival Kids, and Azure Dreams. Games which I'd wondered what the hell had happened to them, and couldn't find them anywhere.

Now of course I'll have to break out the GBA or (gasp) GBC to actually play the damned thing, since the Nintendo DS won't do it (sulk), but hey. That's doable. (Yes, yes, I still have both those handhelds. Yes I am a packrat. Yes, I am trying to fix this somewhat, but when it comes to my old games/consoles/handhelds, you will pry them away from my COLD DEAD HANDS. That is all.)
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