July 4th, 2008

Pretty Words

Book Meme Revisited

Since I ended up mostly including blatantly obvious books on my previous attempt at this, as it turned out, I semi-promised to do another one "soon." So... here goes. (Instructions semi-cut-and-pasted)...

What you do is take 15 books off your shelf (or more, or less, as you prefer). Then open them up, and write down the very first three sentences in each. Then other people try to guess the book. As people guess them, I'll bold them and put the who guessed it after the lines. Then in a few days (or whenever all of them are guessed), I'll repost the list, with the answers and those who got them right.

This time around, there are still a few that are probably gonna be fairly easily guessed, and some that are complete gimmes if you're familiar with the work, but others should (hopefully!) be a bit more obscure, due to either people not reading them or the openings being quite unmemorable. We'll see.

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Well, hope y'all enjoy!