May 19th, 2008


Monday Fun #10

Yeah, I realize it's been a while...

This one's probably another repeat, from long back. I was also hesitant to post it since it's basically an online version of an older console game apparently, and I dunno what's going on there with copyright and stuff but... it's been up for years and I don't see the game owners having issues with it and taking it down or anything so:

Alter Ego

Game type: Text-based, web-based life simulator

Time demand: Decent, maybe an hour or two to get through a "life"? I think you can save and come back though. I'm not certain.

Cost: Free

What it is:

As I mentioned above, I think it's an online version of a console game, but I never played (or even saw) the original, so I can't give details. You start out answering some questions about yourself (or skewing the answers to make the online "life" a bit different), then you are "born." After that point you select various types of events to see, and make decisions on what to do. How you grow up and how you live your life afterward depends partly on the various choices you make.

It's fairly straightforward: you click on part of a tree of various events, see an event, move through it, possibly get some changes to your personality or whatever, as you grow and develop. As you get to older childhood and eventually adulthood you can also do a few other things, like buy a house, concentrate for a bit on school or work, or on romance. You can get married and have kids.

Eventually the inevitable happens, and you get old and die. Sorry about the spoiler. How old you are at that point depends I guess partly on luck, partly on how you've lived your life up until then/how healthy you are. There's no over-reaching goal, it's just a kinda neat time-waster, to live another version of your life for a while and see how it turns out.

Poll Time! (Monday Fun)

Alright, here's how it goes:

I realize I hadn't posted any Monday Fun for a good while. This was for a variety of reasons: 1) I'm running low on free sites I know about and have played enough to recommend/talk about (although i still have a couple I think), 2) I just kept forgetting, at least part of the time, 3) There didn't seem to be too much interest anyhow, which didn't drive me to post/remember as much as I should. (No, this isn't a "nobody pays attention to meeee *sob*" post... I just want to know that at least some of the readers are somewhat interested, to have some reason to keep posting them :p) So... poll time!

Poll #1190647 Poll time! (Monday Fun)

What should be done with Monday Fun?

Keep on doing it as it was before (just research more sites)!
Don't worry about continuing it, it's not my thing.
Expand it to include more commercial online games/sites
Expand it to include reviews of actual purchased console/pc games
... especially games that are less known/fly under the radar
Other (added in comments)