December 1st, 2007


Yay! And Aaarrgh!

The yaaay part: I now have a working desktop PC again, with a shiny re-done Windows XP installation sitting on it, ready to perform.

The aarrrgh part: I apparently SUCK horribly at wrangling my various CDs. I cannot for the life of me find the CD for my main linksys router. I found the one for the wireless access port I have attached to it, but that apparently doesn't do jack by itself. I've found CDs for my scanner, for a printer, hell, even for stuff I haven't used for years and will almost definitely never use again, but no linksys router disc. Gaaaah!

What really sucks is that my router and network are obviously still working fine and dandy, I just can't figure out how to get my PC onto it without that disc! For the record, my cable modem goes into my main linksys router, and both my wireless access port and my PC are plugged into that, while my other stuff (notebook, 360, Wii) run off the wireless.

Blah. I want my connection so I can re-download stuff and get back to semi-normality! (Plus.. want sleeeep. So if anyone replies and asks something and I don't respond for, like, hours figure I may have fallen asleep, though I'm gonna try to stay awake a little longer...)
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More Woohoo!

I'm actually typing this from my happy-fun desktop computer! Yay!

Apparently, I *think* I needed to install an extra networky-type driver from my one supplimental disc. The weird thing is that it didn't ask me for the encryption key for my network... I'm not even sure it's ON my network right now, come to think of it. Or maybe it doesn't need it since it's a wired connection and not wireless. I dunno, but I have connectivity SOMEHOW, so this makes me somewhat happy.

Now to download Firefox... stupid Internet Exploder. -_-
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High School Football!

Coolness, for anyone who might possibly be interested, our local high school football rivalry homecoming game is being played on the national "Vs." channel right now, and is apparently playing again at 1:30 am eastern time. Neat! (The one I went to by the way is Fort Hill.)
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