August 2nd, 2007


In a Nutshell: Video Games (Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm)

For reference, this continues (and concludes) the series of reviews starting here and here.

First off, I'd like to say that my memory is even more shaky on some of this stuff than I thought - for instance, the first game *doesn't* have the bar where you can see people's turns coming up or push them back into "break" - that came with the second game. Same with other party members using your mana items. And I totally forgot to mention some of the annoying bugs with the first game - like the fact that if you use the Japanese voice, it won't save that option (though it saves others) when you save and exit, so you have to re-set the voice each time. Or the fact that there's a horrid glitch that *sometimes* activates and freezes the game just after you kill the final boss.

But anyhow, this post isn't about that. *ahem*...

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So all in all I enjoyed this game pretty much, because I like mission-driven stuff and I like the item creation, but I still can't endorse it as much as either of the first two games. So buyer beware. (Although at least this installment is fairly recent, so you should be able to pick it up if it sounds like something you might want to try.

In a Nutshell: BPAL (Magdalene, Sloth)

As before, I decided to review one of my ordered and one of the free sample imps, leaving me with one more pair of that nature to go, after this. Anyhow:

Magdalene - A stirring yet gentle perfume. The scent of love and devotion mingled with an undercurrent of heart-rending sorrow. A bouquet of white roses, labdanum, and wild orchid.

In the bottle, this was mostly rose coming through, with a slight sweet note. On the skin, both wet and drying down, it was much the same but with just the sweeter florals coming through more, to be on more equal footing with the rose. This was nice, but I don't think nice enough to order a bottle. I'll probably be wearing it some more from the imp, though, and give it a few more spins to try it out.

Sloth - Thick, dark, sluggish and heavy with indolence: vetiver over black myrrh.

I'm not really sure I can describe the notes here since I'm not totally sure about the scent of either vetiver *or* myrrh, though I think I've smelled myrrh in the past. Let's just say that the memory isn't incompatible with what I smelled both in the bottle, and on my wrist (wet and dry) - so I can't *swear* that it was mostly myrrh coming out, but I would lean in that direction. It smelled incense-y, really, and while it wasn't unpleasant (especially as it's not the florals or foody scents I usually lean toward), it's not something I'd go out of my way to wear. I wouldn't order a bottle, and probably won't wear much even more from the imp. I don't dislike it, but it just doesn't thrill me.

Okay, that done! After this, two more to go!

In a Nutshell: Southern Vampire Mysteries (first 3 books)

Enh, since I've reviewed a video game and some perfumes tonight, might as well pull off the trifecta and do a book review, since I just finished the third book in a series tonight, and have been meaning to review them.

This is a review of the first three books in the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead. (Sensing a theme, here?) The series goes on after this, but I haven't yet read them, and I figured I'd just review these three for now. Especially as I'm not completely sure I'll get any more.

At any rate, click on the nice happy cut link to read more, to save your friends' list space. I'll try to avoid spoilers except for perhaps some character traits and backgrounds, and some general situations (the type of thing that it's fairly hard to write a review without discussing), but as usual I can't promise anything for the comments. Okay okay, so I may not do as well with non-spoilyness as I do in some reviews, so be warned. I don't go *too* far over the line, but there are a few cases that just call for more explanation.

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So... who thinks I should try some Anita Blake?