July 31st, 2007


In a Nutshell: BPAL (Maiden, Lyonesse)

This time around I tried out another one each of my ordered imps and the freebies they threw in:

Maiden - A gentle vision of purity, goodness and virtue: white tea, carnation and Damask Rose.

Well, a vision of purity goodness and virtue, should suit me to a T, right? STOP SNICKERING. Ahem. Anyhow. In the bottle, the scent is a blend of the carnation and just a hint of the other notes, so that for some reason it hits my nose with the same... "feel" as rubbing alcohol, in some ways. Odd, I know, but it was the first thing that ran across my mind.

On wet (and also on drydown), the main note was carnation, sweetly floral, and the other stuff didn't come out much at all. Maybe just a touch, but "sweet floral" is the best descriptor, period. It's a pleasant scent, but a) not good enough really that I'd probably buy a vial, since there are other scents I like more, and b) it doesn't seem to last as long as most BPAL scents (food aside) on me, anyhow, and after just two or three hours had pretty much faded away.

Lyonesse - Golden vanilla and gilded musk, stargazer lily, white sandalwood, grey amber, elemi, orris root, ambergris and sea moss.

In the bottle the vanilla really comes through, with some of the other notes again peeking through the main aroma, but the main description would again be "sweet," though not so much floral.

On wet, the vanilla shifted to a background note, and instead the musk and sandalwood (I assume, since honestly I don't know what ambergris or sea moss or some of the other things smell like) come through more, in a blend.

Drying down, the other notes drifted back more to the background, and just the sandalwood survived more or less on its own, a few tiny hints of the other notes occasionally coming out, waxing and waning, but never more than a hint.

This again didn't do too much for me - if I wanted to smell like sandalwood, I'd burn a bunch of incense in my room. ;) It's not unpleasant, but not something I'd go out of my way to get, either.

Colors Meme

I've been cutting down on the memes, but a) I've got enough content lately to justify one, so nyah, and b) this one's the informative, thought-out type. So here goes...Oh yeah, swiped it from takhisis...

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Harry Potter Meme

Since I'm doing memes, heck, might as well do one of the quiz kind as well. Swiped this one from auronsgirl:

Your Score: Slytherclaw

You scored 52% Order/Chaos, and 34% Moral/Rational

Rationality with an orderly/chaotic split. What you strongly know is that you try to be rational, objective, and like to consider things as shades of gray. On order, you see the value of rules and organization but equally can become impatient and advocate a rather loose system. Your strengths arise from your ability to consider both radicals and straightlaced authority objectively; however, it can turn on you when others feel betrayed by the fact that there are few you support unconditionally and consistently.

The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:

Chaotic Orderly
Moral Gryffindor Hufflepuff
Rational Slytherin Ravenclaw

Link: The Sorting Hat Test written by 8sevenatenine8 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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