August 16th, 2006


I am so weak.

I now have two more guppies (another male/female pair) getting acclimated as we speak. Cause I was all about waiting for a week or two to make sure the ammonia level stays good and all, but then I was "in the neighborhood" and decided to stop by a pet store, and saw another pair I liked... Weak weak weak weak weak! So now I have a lighter-bodied male with a lighter blue tail, and a white female with little black spots on her tail and fins.

And for the record, so far this week it's been: Dentist on Monday, pet store #1 on Tuesday, and today (Wednesday), the mall, pet store #2, and pet store #3.

Oh and... Dirge of Cerberus is MINE!!!
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Totally non-righteous...

Yo missysedai.... I think I should like totally hate you now. Ow.

I think I should have stuck with the old yearbook photo, since at least those results were mostly female. And I like the picture better. Apparently though if I ever move to L.A., at least now I know to go out for the role of a leading man.
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