August 5th, 2006


Ya take the bad with the good...

Bad: Not getting enough sleep last night. Igh.
Bad: Getting bugged by Jehovah's WitlessWitnesses on my doorstep yesterday

Good: Going to make sure my checkbook is balanced before paying bills, and realizing that because of a math error, I have $100 more than I thought I did in there.

(Edited to add..)

Good: During paying of said bills, realizing that while I thought I had to pay extra for a past due amount on my phone bill I really didn't, so rather than having to pay out some more money to the vampires this month, instead, I still have a 9 dollar credit on my account even after this month's bill.
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To Do This Weekend...

For purposes of this to-do list, "this weekend" includes Monday and possibly Tuesday, depending on when my father gets home (ie, these are some things I wanna get accomplished yet while my father's not underfoot).

List to be crossed off as I accomplish things (or not, as I don't) as per usual:

Dishes (Always. Perpetually.) (Still want to do more though. Well, for very non-real variables of "want")
Clean part of bedroom (another never-ending battle)
Clear OFF the damn table already
Weed out herb garden
Ditto flower garden
Ditto mint garden (and cut back some of the more stubborn mints encroaching on the others... yeah, I'm lookin' at you, spearmint) (Edited to add: not done, and probably not going to BE done anytime soon, for reasons probably to be covered in next entry.)
Make it to market to pick up more things (Still didn't get quite everything though)
Clean out guppy tank and prepare itAt least, as much as can be done without Shopping.
Write more of neglected novel, at least 1000 words, damnit!
Clear out part of back/utility room

That should give me quite a bit to chew on, especially considering that I've gotta do other work-type work alongside it, and also have to do the usual stuff like letting the dog in and out a zillion times per day, feeding the fish, watering the plants, simple stuff but a bunch of little things that creep up on ya.

(edited to correct a typo, amusingly enough, in the list entry about writing. Yeesh.)
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