July 27th, 2006


Pond Stuff

So... skip if uninterested. :p I try to walk a fine line with stuff that interests me yet would bore the pants off readers but... damnit, I like my pond. I'll just have to hope it's not TOO horribly boring. Anywho.

I'd accidentally dropped a bunch of food into the water a week or so ago, and shortly after my nitrites (or is it nitrates? I get those mixed up) were a bit high, but I ended up adding a bunch of water since it was low anyhow, and now today all the chemical levels were okay. PH was a leeetle higher than I'd like, but not dangerously so. So - time to go back to the pond shop!

I mostly wanted to get some more food (since mine accidentally went a bit faster than intended *cough*) and see if they had anything new. Well, not really, but I did pick up the one remaining golden orfe they had there (bringing my total back up to maybe five, unless one has died and been eaten where I couldn't see/smell), since those like to live in schools, and I saw one blue and white shubunkin goldfish that I must have missed before, and I wanted it. Also picked up new filters for my, er, filter, and some PH lowerererer. Er.

So my two new fishies are now introduced to the group, which consists of those two and the aforementioned previous four golden orfes, one shubunkin that I think is remaining from the last trip (a mottled orange, black, and white one), the big black koi that I talked about before that I named Blackbeard (after having got much better looks at him now, he's probably around 8 or 9 inches, at my best guess, definitely King of the pond), and a mottled blue and white and possibly black fish that I haven't got a good enough look at to see what it is (not that I'm that great at identification anyhow) but which is apparently a *second* fish remaining from previous years, that I didn't realize was still in there. Oh yeah, and the various froggies. See icon.

Now I just need to wait for all the various fish to be better used to me, and feeding time. As soon as I start clearing away the duckweed and such on the surface of the habitual feeding spot, Blackbeard is right there (he even got there this morning before I'd reached back to pick up the food), but the other fish hang back a lot more and don't always all show up, and none of them, even Blackbeard, are yet to the point of eating out of my hand. But I guess I just have to be patient.
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