July 25th, 2006


Animated userpics?

Okay, for those of you with animated LJ icons, did you have any trouble uploading them? I'm trying to upload one, which is 100 by 100 pixels according to both photoshop and the browser, but when I try to upload it I get an error saying that .gif files uploaded as userpics can only be 100 by 100 pixels. So.. wtf?

(Edit: As noted in the next extry, I figured it out. Nevermind. Nothing to see here, move along!)
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Nevermind on the previous entry, since I figured it out. Although the error specifically referred to the pixel size of the .gif, it was the saved size of the whole file that was causing the problem. I removed 2 frames and simplified the colors a bit, and voila.

Figured I needed an icon for my pond, so... here it is!