July 10th, 2006


More scattered thoughts (movies, etc.)

First off, some extra spoiler-cut thoughts for Pirates 2 (since like I said some other stuff I'd meant to mention cropped into my thoughts eventually):

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And as for other movie stuff: previews! Dude, I have to admit, Night at the Museum actually looks like it might be fun. I'm not the hugest Ben Stiller fan, but it still looks cool. Now, I don't know what the *plot* might be like, since it seems like one of those "mainly the premise, throw the plot in afterwards" type flicks, but hey, could still turn out well.

And Transformers? Dude, I'll admit I'd been paying NO attention to this, since I figured that the new upcoming movie would be basically an extention of the newer (crappier) version of the cartoon that's been airing on Cartoon Network. But wtf? Is this going to actually be live-action? (Or rather, since it's giant transforming robots, live-action *style*?) Or was just the teaser trailer in that style, to entice us? If it's the former, I may have to start paying attention. o_O

Other than that... how was my day, you ask? Well, for one thing, my monitor decided to just up and y'know, TOTALLY DIE on me. It'd been kinda acting wonky lately anyhow, suddenly distorting and all like it needed degaussed, even if it had been turned off for a while not too long before. Today, it just... went off, while I had the computer on, as if it were going into sleep mode from non-use of the computer, and just wouldn't come back on. The little light beside the power button just kept blinking at me, taunting me. Sooo... I ended up making an emergency trip over to the nearby computer shop, and getting a used monitor for 35 bucks. Could be worse. It's just weird getting used to it though, since it's slightly smaller, the settings are slightly different, and the monitor itself is white (or off-white anyhow) whereas my old one was black, so it's weird looking at the totally different framing.

Oh and... (edited to ask a question): Is there any possibility of a bum monitor somehow slowing down your actual computer processes? I'd noticed that my computer has gotten EXTREMELY freakin' slow on rebooting, etc etc... taking forever to load up and all. However, either a) I've suddenly gotten used to that and now see it as normal, or b) once I replaced the monitor, it sped back up a lot, because it didn't seem to take nearly as long booting up and accomplishing some tasks. Anyone?

Also, I'd previously finally finally gotten the freaking cattail jungle out of my pond. Today I was looking at my pond more, and first off, I saw *something* scaled in there, I coulda sworn. Which would mean that I may still have at least one fish in there, after I'd given up hope of any being left alive in my pond.

I also had thought I had two adult frogs in there, but now with all their hidey-spots gone, I counted at least four adult-sized frogs, alongside at least a couple kidlets. No wonder they seem noiser than last year.

I tested the water for various stuff, and it all looks smashing except maybe it could use a little more pond salt (which isn't actually necessary, just helps keep fish healthier and less stress-prone), and the Ph balance might be a toooouch on the high side, but not horribly. So tomorrow hopefully I'll make it out to get a) some more surface plants to keep the water cool, b) possibly more potted plants now that I have some room cleared again, and c) maybe even a fish or two, and hopefully some snails to help recycle some of the bio-litter.