December 1st, 2005


Double Glee!

Glee #1) I've got the rough rough draft of chapter 1 of My First Novel (sounds like an elementary school reader, dunnit?) completed, at almost 3000 words. I know I know, this is probably quite snicker-worthy to some of you who are also writers, and to me in a sense since I haven't finished a novel before but do other freelance writing work which is fairly hefty in page count, but still. It's a (very small) milestone, and I'm pleased with it. Especially since I'm at least more hopeful now that the middle will work itself out, since I've been feeling things develop in my backbrain a bit as I've gone through the first chapter, and watched how *that's* grown almost on its own, like some of the ideas were just sitting around waiting for me.

Glee #2) I got one of my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab orders today. Coyote, Dragon's Blood, Jailbait, Marie, The Unicorn, and Perversion, with a Frimp of Sri Lanka, which sounds interesting. Started with the Coyote, natch, and am letting it settle in now.