November 28th, 2005


More listyness

Since it worked pretty well last time, and since I don't want to do it on a day that I already have obligations again... more List of Doom of stuff that I want to accomplish tomorrow. Because, ya know, I'm too pathetically lazy and tend to not get as much done without some sort of driving force and organization. Bleh.

Busy-work for Monday:

-Wash all the dishes in the sink. Again. (Had the sink cleared out last night, then put a couple things in for seed. This morning came downstairs to a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and spam, and a sink of various impliments, silverware, dishes, a measuring bowl, and a freaking cutting board. The hell?) (Edit: Ignoring the dishes that have appeared in the sink since then, lalala.)
-Wash at least one load of laundry. Again. Amazing how the dish-cleaning and laundry seem to recur, innit?
-Do more writing. At least 500 words again. Am starting to slack on this again, must keep up with it!
-Clear out some of the clean-but-not-put-away laundry sitting in the laundry room.
-Clean more in my room.
-Throw some old stuff out of the fridge, which has moved from optional to more important.
-Take bags of saved cans up to the garage, and out of the house. So that they can sit up THERE for the next 2 years or so before my father decides to crush a bunch and take them to the recycling center again.

Optional busy-work:

-Go shopping for some things that escaped the list last time.
-Write at least 2000 words.
-Do more cleaning in the computer room.
-Do more shredding of unwanted mail, which I've severely let go (didn't have a functioning shredder for a bit, and I've gotten completely paranoid.)
-Take out the garbage, which is usually my father's job, but I'm feeling generous. Maybe. Optionally.
-Try to at least free some small speck of the kitchen table from the pile of Stuff that has, once again, taken over it. I claim zis table for France! Liberte, Egalite! Or something.(Edit: only a small bit cleared, and most of that'll probably disappear about two seconds after my father comes back downstairs, but at least it's some small headway.)

Go, me, or something. Still, looking at the list it's still a bunch of fairly small stuff, but hell, I can always try to do more besides. No use in totally aiming for unreachable goals and ending up doing nothing out of despair, right? Right?


Slept in waaay late and was trying to catch up on the work I promised myself (and the world) I'd get done. Started the laundry, washed the dishes, and went to eat something. Guess I shouldn't have wandered that far away from the washing machine while clothes are washing or something - I went to throw the "clean" clothes over into the dryer just now, and they're sitting in icky water, having stopped just before the rinse cycle, and now I can't get the washing machine to turn on. It's apparently broken. ARGH!


EDIT: Never mind! I thought to check the circuit breaker box, and sure enough, it had overloaded its circuit (I didn't think of that at first since that's not a usual problem for that circuit). I flipped the breaker off and back on, and voila. Woot.
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