November 22nd, 2005


Making my list, checking it... nil...

Making this list tonight, so I can beat myself with the mental whip of having it out for the world to see. So this is Stuff To Do, assuming I don't feel as crappy as I did the past couple days. (Felt more awake and aware and energetic *slightly* today, but still didn't get anything done mostly just to inertia, and starting to suck on the crackpipe that is WoW a bit too early. Oh yeah, and Taco Bell.)

Stuff To Do Tuesday:

Wash at least 1/2 of the dishes that need washin' (edit: maybe a bit generous to myself on this one, but if it's not 1/2, it's close, and I'll try to wash a few more tonight.)
At least one load of laundry. (Actually come to think of it, I don't think we have that much that needs washed, I have tried to keep up on that.)
Clean my room at least somewhat. I'm thinking at least carry out a bag of cans I've been saving up, and putting away a basket of laundry that's been sitting there a bit. (edit: Did the bare minimum on this, but again, will try to do more tonight before I sleep.)
Pay bills.
Shred some of the old mail that needs to be thrown out but I haven't yet put it through the shred-o-matic. (Because what the world needs now is confetti, sweet confetti.)
Start on one of the perhaps slightly entertaining (no way!) LJ posts I've been considering. (edit: Man, the one I started on is gonna take a lot longer than I even thought, yeesh)
Change the bird cage and change/clean the cat litter, before they Get Bad.
SOME FREAKING WRITING. Cause my mind's been dead, but I really must whip myself to make myself do this steadily. At least, oh, let's say 500 words, just to start with baby steps.

Tentative Stuff To Do Tuesday:

Wash all of the dishes that need washin'
Clean some of the near-sentient lifeforms out of the fridge. (Okay, this was also done somewhat recently as well, but there's still some stuff that could be tossed.)
Finish and post said slightly entertaining LJ post.(edit: not the huuuge post I was figuring I'd kick things off with, which is a list o' games, but I at least got one of the things I had in mind posted and kicked off.)
Clean out at least part of the computer's room.
Clean out some of the plants from my pond (which may depends partly on the weather, I really should have done it before it got this cold, but... totally dead. blah.)
Make it through at least 2000 words of writy-stuff.
Maybe even *gasp*, some shopping. Most market stuff has been bought, but I should probably look around the mall or elsewhere for some other stuff. That's probably gonna have to wait for another day though.

And since I'm already committed to do some stuff tomorrow night with my "workmates" on WoW, this may not be the best day to try to tackle all this. So I miiiight allow myself to start on some of it tonight, and maybe even carry over til Wednesday if need be. But I really want to try to get a lot of this list tackled.

Wish me luck! Oh, and energy. Definitely energy.
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Games You Probably Haven't Played #1 - Metropolismania

The Premise:

We all have those games (at least, those of us that play them) that are the "greatest games," the ones we can trot out whenever someone asks for the best games of all time or what have you. Oh, maybe we don't have them listed in a strict order, and the lineup may change depending on our whims or memories, but we pretty much know Those Games.

Then there are the other ones. The niche titles that haven't happened to remotely break into the mainstream (I'm lookin' at you, Ico, Disgaea and Katamari). The ones that have too many flaws or quirks for most people to look at them seriously. The ones that, frankly, even a lot of hardcore gamers have never heard of in their lives, or at least heard of then promptly forgotten. You know, the ones that you'd be hard-pressed to stand around and name as one of the Best Games Ever objectively, but that you go back to play time and time again, or just hold dear to your heart for some reason.

These are some of those games that I've decided deserve their little time in the spotlight, dragged out of whatever dark corners they're dwelling in by this point. I'm not going to state that these games are amazing, or for everyone, but there's something about each of them that has stuck with me, and in some cases drawn me back repeatedly even while other arguably "more deserving" games sit around barely touched. I'm going to cover one game at a time, and we'll see where this series takes us.

Heck, I may even cover some games that I don't really technically love and remember fondly, but that I think shouldn't be forgotten for some reason or another. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Been sloooowly making my way though my previously posted list of things to do today, and feeling sorta-somewhat-semi-productive in the process. No, I lie. I feel lazy and crappy, but I'm at least still making myself get done some of the work. Mostly because I posted it and don't want to look like a total lazy fool. So that was a pretty good idea to post it. Except for some of my inner lazy bits which are jumping up and down, chanting "bad idea, bad idea!" and wanting to lie around until I feel better, possibly being fed grapes by virile young men, even though I don't especially like grapes but hey, if it involves virile young men I'm all for it, lazy bits and the other bits as well.

Still, not sure how much more I'll get done tonight. Wasn't feeling great last night thus didn't sleep spectacularly well, got up late, and my stomach's still touchy. Did I mention the Taco Bell last night? Yeah. Not your friend. Well, maybe the drinking buddy that gets you both sloshed and convinces you that yeah, walking down that really dark alley with those skulking types at 3am is a Good Idea.

But at least I got almost all the stuff on my "to do" list done, even if at the bare minimum, and one thing on the "optional" list done as well. Speaking of which, give me feedback if you like on that entry. I'm thinking of doing a series of posts (bit by bit, maybe once a week or so, no clue though really) in the same line, but if no one has any interest at all, there's not much use. Also considering cross-posting them to a gaming forum I'm on, but haven't decided yet.
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