November 18th, 2005


Drive-by Comic Pimping

For those of you who read Flem but haven't lately, or those who haven't read it but like sick, twisted, non-PC stuff in general...

The creator of Flem and other various stuff (and artist of Two Lumps if any of you read that) is currently on his last day of work due to the usual forces beyond his control, and he's having a donation drive to try to take his work to the next level, and support himself just through that.

So if you're a fan and haven't yet seen the donation thang, or just have extra money you want to put toward a good (for some definitions of the word "good") cause, here is someplace you can fling the bucks at.

That is all.
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Oh yeah...

To update for anyone interested (which is probably just me, but I feel I'm falling down on my journaly duties if I don't at least mention it), my mom's doing okay at the moment in the hospital (she at least got moved down to the "normal floor" from High-Level, but they're still in the process of doing a bajillion tests on her to figure out what's causing her bleeding and so on. They said she has some sort of infection for starters, but apparently there's possibly something else going on in there and they need to find out what.

So, more as I find out anything else.
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