October 19th, 2005


In other news: blah.

Well, my mother went back into the hospital last night with breathing problems. Again. At first they were going to put her on a normal floor, and thought it was "the usual," ie fluid buildup that needed drained off. Now though it appears she has some sort of viral respiratory infection, and she's in high-level care, though I'm not sure why specifically. Meh. Will update as I find out more. They'd just found the infection this morning, I guess somewhat late, so we don't know much yet.

In other news I also have a really sore tooth starting to act up. Actually it was horribly painful yesterday, and has died down a bit again today, but I went ahead and called the dentist anyhow and am supposed to go in tomorrow afternoon. Don't. Want. To go. *whimper*

There are also a couple games I wanted to pick up (Fire Emblem for the Gamecube and Wanda and the Colossus for PS2, especially the latter), but maybe I'll just swing by the mall tomorrow after my appointment and see if any copies are left.