October 17th, 2005


More BPALage

I managed to try the remaining four Imps from Black Phoenix since my last post, at least for the first go-round. They'll each get another try later, when my nose is clearer. I probably won't wear any until my cold is gone though, both to make sure I get the best smellage I can, and to make sure the perfume itself isn't bothering my respiration even more. Well, unless I go out somewhere.

So as for the last four scents:


Lust - "Uncontrollable passion and insatiable sexual desire: red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh."

My impression of this one upon smelling it in the vial was again "cheap perfume," though I seem to be having that reaction to a lot of them. It changed significantly once I put it on though, and finally settled down to smelling like... well... baby powder more or less. Which makes me wonder what the generic "fragrance" is listed on the baby powder ingredients, since I'm wondering if there's something in the two in common, or if it's a coincidence, or my imagination, or what.

At any rate, it ended up being quite a "clean" scent for something called "Lust," at least on me. Pleasant, though. Then again, I like the smell of baby powder.


Cairo - "The essence of holy Kyphi, beloved incense of the Egyptian Gods."

I'd heard good things about this one from khaman, so I saved it til later in the series. It too smelled a bit "sharp" in the bottle, although not as badly as the "Vice" scent, but once it went on I definitely associated the scent with incense, even before going back to re-read the blurb about it. It's another rather pleasant scent, although I'm having trouble finding something to describe it beyond "incense-y" at the moment. Maybe on the next wearing.


Hunger - "Evokes sheer, unadulterated carnal lust. An undeniably warm and sensual scent. Black narcissus, orange blossoms, and vanilla."

I dunno if I'd go along with the blurb for this one - what it evoked in me was, well, a more normal hunger. That aside, I definitely liked this scent, at least on my half-stuffed-up-nose first wearing. It's another one that screamed "cheap perfume" at me when I sniffed it in the vial (I'll say that you definitely can't go by the bottled scent on the BPAL perfumes, whether or not you can on store-bought ones). Once I put it on, it went more to a cinnamon-type scent, even though there's no cinnamon involved, and then the vanilla really came forward over the next short while. By the time this wore off, my wrists were reminding me of the candles you find close to Christmas-time that are vanilla scented.

This was definitely a very nice scent, at least to me, and it may end up being my first actual bottle-purchase. Unless I cave and buy one or more of the limited edition scents.


Greed - "Base and earthy, yet glittering with golden notes: patchouli, heliotrope, copal and oakmoss."

This one wasn't one of the samples I actually ordered. It was a freebie throw in, so I tried it last.

Maybe the stuff in baby powder is patchouli or something, because this one also reminded me of that scent once it settled down. Or maybe just my nose really needs to recover before I try to pick up more subtle aromas. At any rate, it was a pleasant enough scent, but I don't know that it "glittered," at least not with my nose as it is.


At any rate, overall I'm pleased with the perfumes I tried out. I also sent in my next order for samples, which should include (category, then perfume name):

Excolo: Coyote
Ars Draconis: Dragon's Blood
Diabolus: Marie
Love Potions: Perversion
Mad Tea Party: The Unicorn
Sin and Salvation: Jailbait

Can't wait to see what those are like. I figure I'll wait a couple weeks, then probably send in an order for more samples, since I have over six more now that I've jotted down that either sound interested or that I've heard good/yummy things about. I may include an order for an actual normal bottle of one of the scents I've already tried at that point, depending on how my second wearing goes, once this cold has faded more.

I also may end up splurging and ordering a limited edition scent. I'm more wary of these, since you can't try them ahead of time, but some of them sound absolutely delicious. I'll have to consider, in the short time they're available.

Hrm. Wonder if this is going to be a habit, and if I should make a separate BPAL tag...
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Yeah, I promised some reviews of some Nintendo DS games, didn't I?

Keep in mind please that I give these *as a gamer*, not speaking for any, ah, particular companies or anything like that. And no, I had nothing to do with any of these games for work, in any way shape or form. Just as a disclaimer.

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And for those wondering, yes I have Castlevania: Dawn of Souls. I've just been taking my time with it, and haven't finished it yet. (Plus some of the areas are owning me, yowch). It's definitely Good Stuff though, if you're interested. ^^
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