October 15th, 2005


BPAL thoughts

Since yesterday's post I've tried out a couple more of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents, and figured I'd go ahead and talk about them before I forget. Since my first try-out is buried in the middle of my previous post and since I forgot to post the blurb on it from the BPAL site, I'll go ahead and post it again here as well:

Cordelia - "The essence of faith, love and devotion: lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk."

Even with this cold I have enough sense of smell left to say that it seemed the most low-key in the bottle, and remained fairly so after I put it on. It went on somewhat musky, though "light," shifted a bit toward what I'd describe as "woody" fairly soon, and eventually settled into a blend of those and a more floral overtone. Overall I'd say I like it - not sure if I'd like it enough to order it again on its own, but I do like it. Especially since it's not... overpowering.


Since then I've tried two more:

Vice - "Voluptuous and indulgent! A deep chocolate scent, with black cherry and orange blossom."

Frankly, in the bottle I was not at all fond of this. It had a very sharp scent at first sniff from the vial, that's the only real description I can think of it. Almost acrid. I did not like it at all, but between the description on the site and the knowledge that the first perfume did change on my skin from what it was like in the bottle, I figured I'd go ahead and try it out.

It wasn't a bad decision - like with the Cordelia, it went on different, although in this case it didn't seem to shift much after first "settling in" on my skin. The sharpness was very muted - I could still smell a bit of the scent underneath, but not with its sharpness, and not nearly as unpleasantly. The scent itself is... hard to describe. It's like I could smell the chocolate, but it didn't smell... chocolatey. Which probably makes no sense, but I don't know how better to describe it. Like maybe it was one of the components of the scent of chocolate, without the others, or something. The other scents didn't really "step forward" enough for me to distinctly pick them out, but altogether frankly they were enough to make me hungry when I smelled the scent.

I don't know honestly how I like this scent. Certainly a lot better than it was in the bottle, and I think I approve overall, but I'm torn. This is one I'll definitely decide on more once I do a second application when my nose is a bit less... cluttered. I did notice that it seemed to fade altogether after only maybe 2 or so hours, which was a bit disappointing. Then again, maybe I just could no longer smell the remnants of the scent.


Seraglio - "In long-ago Arabia, harem girls rubbed an herbal poultice formed from a blend of sensual, luxuriant herbs and oils onto their bodies to prepare themselves for the Sultan's pleasure. This lush, indulgent perfume is based on that ancient formula. Sweet almond and Mysor sandalwood enveloped by a heady veil of Bulgarian Rose, neroli, nutmeg, clove and orange peel. "

This one smelled honestly a bit like cheap perfume when first putting it on. It did mellow more after being worn a short time, and I don't actively dislike it, but I don't really actively like it either. It mellowed into a more floral scent after a few minutes, and seemed to fade mostly after an hour or so, but since then it's been hanging on for multiple hours. Which would be good if I really loved the scent, but as it stands it's a bit annoying, since it stands in the way of my trying out more. *hiss*


The really crappy thing is that I ended up nosing around the site a bit more last night, and have found well over six new scents that I'd like to try out next. (Note for those not familiar with BPAL: they sell sets of six sample vials or "Imps" for $16.00, you pick the scents you want to try, though there are a few of the categories you can't choose from for samples). In fact, I've found eleven. Which means I could just find one more and order *two* sets, but I don't really want to do that all at once. *sigh*

I was going to wait until I tested these scents to see if there are any I want to order a larger bottle for, but since they take so long to ship anyhow I'm considering going ahead and placing an order for one set of samples, then waiting a few weeks or a month and ordering a second, along with any bigger bottles of what I've tried so far. That way I'd stagger the orders a bit, and would only have to wait a couple weeks between receiving orders, giving me time to try them all out as well.

For the record, the categories and scents I'm considering are:

Excolo: Coyote, Baron Samedi
Ars Draconis: Dragon's Blood
Diabolus: Black Phoenix, Marie
Love Potions: Perversion
Mad Tea Party: The Unicorn
Sin and Salvation: Dirty, Envy, Jailbait, Sea of Glass

Anyone try these out, or have any thoughts?
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