September 2nd, 2005


I'm a bad bad girl...

So I suddenly remembered the website I used to order all my anime from. (For the record, The Right Stuf). And I decided to go snoop around the page. Oops. Mistake.

It's apparently been over two years (!) since I last put an order in there (keeping in mind I used to buy at least one order every month or so), but lately I guess I've been getting more manga, and getting it elsewhere. I also remember one reason I stopped ordering from The Right Stuf much - their shipping was annoyingly slow. Not anything too evil, not like months to ship something (usually), but they took their sweet time about getting stuff together to ship, even when it's in stock... and I'd had a few things suddenly go out of stock without being listed as such on their website, and slow things down even more. Stuff like that, that finally just all added up to piss me the hell off.

But now... it's been two years. And it's been long enough that a lot of their stuff is new to me, stuff that I haven't seen elsewhere and that I wanted (Sesshomaru t-shirt! Woot!), stuff in their bargain bin that was a bargain I wanted to take advantage of...things like that.

So long story short... I spent waaay more than I should have. *le sigh*

Now I wonder how long it'll be before it comes in...

Oh, and desdenova, you at least might be interested... their bargain bin or weekly specials or something like that had a bunch of the original Saiyuki series DVDs for 7.99 each. If you care. ;)
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